baby collage!


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Now that the nursery is done, I am trying to start something new to keep me busy. It honestly has helped me since I've felt depressed. My new idea has really inspired me to do something fun, so I just wanted to share it with you all of you.

So, I am putting to gether a collage of things for the baby. Sketches, pictures, paintings quotes etc. I want to start collecting things I make and people make for him, and frame the collage in a large frame to hang on the wall. The last thing I want to add to it is a picture of his little footprints. I asked everyone ( via facebook since I don't live near family/friends) to contribute something to it. It could be anything they just like, or have made theyselves.

I will show you all the finished product. I just really hope people do contribute to it, because I did something similar like this but with birthday cards, and I got none. ( not that I want pity for that, but I wanted to make a collage with the birthday cards I received)

I also thought it would be fun to have things come in from others as well. if any of you ladies would like to send something to add, I would be more that willing to cover shipping costs. I do not want anything to be purchased, just something cute, inspiring for him. Maybe a fortune you found in a fortune cookie, or something you read in magazine that you want to cut out and ship.

I just thought this could be a fun idea, and amazing to see what people will send. Please message me with any questions, or if you want to send something! Again, please do not think I am asking for you to buy me anything! I hope I'm not sending the wrong message here. Thanks again.