Baby Doll (Sucker Punch) inspired eyeshadow look


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I LOVEEEEED Baby Doll's make up in Sucker Punch soooo here I am recreating it :) Hope you like!

Ben Nye concealer (all over eye area as main base)
La Femme e/s - Nude (set over concealer and used as highlight)
NYX jumbo pencil - Milk (eyeshadow base for eyelid)
MAC e/s - Dalliance (over eyelid)
Milani liquifeye - Brown (used lightly to cut crease)
Wet ‘n’ Wild trio - Walking on Eggshells (midtone brown used over Milani Brown e/l for cut crease)
Wet ‘n’ Wild cream e/l - Black
Tarte lash curler
Buxom lash mascara
Red Cherry lashes #99

MAC e/s - Brown Down (eye brows)


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^^ I agree - totally loved her look! Now all you need are violet contacts :p I've been thinking about trying to recreate some of the other girls' looks too - I didn't think it was the best movie, but I was captivated the entire time by their makeup! Even my boyfriend said that was what he remembered most from the movie, which is huge coming from him! lol

ANYWAYS, love it, looks gorgeous and very Babydoll!


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Very pretty. I've been thinking of trying to do it myself. I LOVED her makeup. Most of the makeup in the movie, really. Though I was not a fan of the movie itself. It had good parts, but overall I wasn't impressed.


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Love the look!! I get to see this movie tomorrow and I was never expecting greatness. Oh well!


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love it!! i was also staring at the make-up in this movie. i wanna be babydoll for halloween.


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Would love to see a few more angles. Haven't yet gotten to see the movie, but the promo pictures look amazing.


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So perfect, I was wondering when someone was going to recreate the look! ITA, the movie itself wasn't good in terms of the story, but it was complete eye candy for makeup lovers. Oh, and I have a huge crush on the actor who played Blue