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I haven't had too much time for anything except working and working. But lately I have tried to get back to the fun stuff and being on the net.

This last one looks drugged out but really,.. I am just tired. LOL.


NW20 SMC Concealer
NW20 Studio Fix powder
Intenso Mineralized Blush
Petticoat MSF
Dots are Pure Show Super Slick Liquid liner


Bare Canvas Paint
From Inner to Outer then around:
Valerie Beauty Loose in Charisma
Firespot e/s
Goldmine e/s
Wondergrass e/s
Green e/s from Kat Von D pallette
MUFE Lavendar 9
Victorian Punk e/s by Tarina Tarantino
Moons Reflection

On the Hunt Supeslick liquid liner
Light as Air Power point
Rave Pearliglide

Opulash in Bad Bad Black
#2 (?) Lashes

Smudged out Half Red liner
L'Oreal Glam Shine in Prima Donna
(Sorry its a bit messy here after a LONG night)

Teal Contacts from The Body Jewelry Shop

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