Bad things you used to do as a kid/teen?


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What were some bad things you used to do as a child or as a teenager?


When I was a kid, I used to lie to classmates so I would fit in. I once stole $20 bucks from my moms wallet for ice cream.
As a teen, I would shoplift (only 4 times, then I got caught). I would lie to my mom so I can go on dates with older boys (I was 16 at the time, and the boys were over 21). Ditch class. Smoke ciggs. Drink. Experiment with drugs. Get tattoos and piercings (from age 16-18; well right before I turned 18).
But I learned to be a smarter person.

M.A.C. head.

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I used to fight sometimes when I was a kid. I wasn't a bully, but I wasn't one to take shit either. That's pretty much the only "bad" thing I ever did as a kid.

As a teen, I smoke weed once, when I was 17. Other than that, I was pretty square LOL


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Snuck out of the house way too many times. Stayed out all night, came home and got ready for school, and then ditch school. Experimented with things I shouldn't have. My parents were extremely strict with me in my younger years, so I was all about rebelling.


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when i was a kid, i used to tell my dad all the time that my homework was done and it never was. i did that as a teenager, too. i still feel kind of bad about it.
when i was seventeen, i used to drink with my boyfriend's friends/bandmates alot. that wasn't very smart. during high school, i ditched classes regularly that like two months before graduation, they told me i wouldn't graduate because i had too many truancies! lucky for me i had friends in high places hahaha..


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i was mean, like really really mean. I'm still pretty bitchy, but i look back on the things i used to say and do, and it's embarrassing. I was really lonely back then... thats prob. why.
I used to lie to my parents and meet up with people and drink/get high in places like the train station, or outside a loblaws. i mean, i could have been raped. it was so dumb!! I used to go to class high. i sold a little pot.
I would read books/write papers for other students.
In grade 7 and 8 i used to forge my mom's signature. They used to make you're parents sign your agenda every night. my mom was so freaking busy, she didnt have time for it, so i did it. she found out and didnt like it though.

surprisingly i never got in any trouble at school excluding twice. once i said the word "bullshit" in class and was sent to the office. The other time i was wrongly accused of writing a hate letter to a girl ( i was prob. accused cause i was so mean). I mean, i wasnt a perfect kid, but i was pretty good.
My parents and i didnt fight. I got decent grades (Excluding math... my enemy) i didnt sleep around (i didnt even date!). I'd be satisfied if my kids turned out like me. Minus the public drunkeness and lying.

Once when i was little i went on a rampage, picking flowers for neighbours gardens... they were not pleased.


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I stole candy from any place that sold it when I was 7. I did that about twice a month. Like Chiclets, or LifeSavers.


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My parents worked evenings ...So my sister and I used to sneak boys in the house...Which was a totally forbidden rule!! And I used to let my boyfriend drive my car, which was another...No No!


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I used to cut school to go and drink at my friends house almost everyday. Once for homecoming week my friends and I were completely drunk at school and I had to hide from one of my teachers. I would also make out with this one boy all the time during school I would cut just to go make out with him.
Boys were a forbidden rule at my house so I made time for them while out of the house. I would also stay out all night once I started driving.


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During my younger years i used to steal money from my mom to buy candy from 711. There was a river near my house, and i was told never to go down there because i could drown and because of the bacteria, but i used to play near the river with my friends.

As a teenager i got pregnant, it was a shock because ME out of every teenager in my whole family i was the least likely to get pregnant. I used to stay out until 4-5am to meet my boyfriend (now husbandd) at the beach, then i would go to school and the dean used to call my mom for sleeping in freqently. Yeah my boyfriend was a bad influence LOL but i still love him.


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I wouldnt say they are BAD things because i feel like every kid does it.

I was a good KID, my dad was pretty strict abotu chores and listening to him, so i was good because if my dad cuaght me or my 2 btohers doing anything really bad, we would be grounded, like seriosuly grounded, to our rooms for a month, with no tv, comp, books, nothing. we had to eat in our rooms, and the only thing we coudl do was clean or do homework, and it sucked, so i tried to stay out of trouble.

As a teen, i did normal things, like tell my parents i was staying at a g/f's house so me and my g/f could go hang with boys and stay out all night, drinking ALOT smoking weed ALOT smoke ciggs. I went through phases. I didnt smoke weed my whole teenage years, but i did frequently. I dont mind people who smoke now, but its not something for me, i hate the feeling now. I never really snuck out though. I would just stay at a friends house who's curfew was later than mine.
I met my boyfriend at just before my 16th b-day, and my curfew went out the window because my parents love him. We broke up for a bit, so i went back to smoking and stuff, but we got together shortly after, and i kind of stopped hanging with the people i did, stopped smoking weed, and doing all the stupid crap.

again just teenage stuff.


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When I was a kid, I would steal. ALL.THE.TIME.
I did it when I was a younger teen too. I got caught and it was crazy.
Such an ugly habit it was.

In 8th grade I would cheat on homeowrk and tests and get good grades for it.

I used to sneak my bf over all the time. I would also tell my mom I was at late soccer games so I could go hang out with my bf. I did a lot of stupid shit. Thankfully, nothing major happened- so I try my hardest to be an honest, good person.


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I used to sneak out of my house on a regular basis- I was on the second floor and had to climb down a decorative lattice, so it wasn't hard. That is, until I didn't notice my mother planted a rose bush at the bottom of the lattice one night. Never snuck out that window again. I moved to climbing out the window in the bathroom and down the tree instead.

I'd cut class all the time. I've never failed a class, but I don't know how I managed that one. I think my teachers cut me a few breaks because I know that at least two of them should have flunked me.

Other than that I was pretty good- except my mouth always got me in trouble (probably always will). In person, I'm a sarcastic wise ass. I've tried to curb it, but I think my internal filter is broken. It's a good thing I work in a profession where this is acceptable.


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As a teen I stole makeup, not from other people, but in stores. Idk why, maybe because I didn't have $ lol. But, not anymore.


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When I was in elementry school i used to lie a lot about my life. I used to tell people I was a millionaire and that the building I lived in was my mansion, and every new toy that came out I said I got it first! I also used to look at maos and wish i could go to different places so I would lie to the kids at school and point out all the places on the map that I had gone!

Now I never lie, I am so transparent, it's funny!

When I was a teenager I was such a goodie two shoes, I never did drugs until I was older. The worst I ddi was cut school to spend all day with my bf. No biggie. As crazy as this sounds, I wish i had experimented with drugs more when i was a teenager. i feel like trying them at a younger age gives you a different perspective on it than trying it in your early 20s. Oh well!


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Oh my Goodness....should I even tell it all here?

I used to steal, ummmm from the time I was a child up until like sophomore year in high school. Stole anything, money, candy, stuff from the drugstore, etc. I have been caught before and Im not proud of that at ALL....stealing just makes you look so....stupid lol. It was embarrassing.

Lets see, I skipped school to hang out with friends, go to the mall with friends, smoke weed with friends, hang out with this one guy.

I left school early all the time in my senior year of high school. Went to the store and McDonalds during lunch (soooo not allowed to do that)

Ummm I used to fight boys in elementary/middle school. They were mean and I fought them.

I went to friends houses, even far away sometimes (like an hour away from my mom knew where I was going) But what she didnt know was that we were going to be smoking weed and drinking...that was when i was like 14/15?

Me and my friends would buy and smoke weed almost everyday, at the age of 14, 15 and smoke all the time after school.

I used to smoke at school, in one of the auto mechanics cars, or in the gazebo. I've been to school high, and I brought rum and coke to school ina coke bottle numerous times.

I lost my virginity to a 24 year old when I was 16.

I was hardly EVER where I said I was going to be.

Ive gotten into a couple fights during my high school years.

I gave oral sex to a guy in the stairwell at school, after lunch.

.....Dont judge me.


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Originally Posted by CantAffordMAC
I was hardly EVER where I said I was going to be.

That pretty much sums me up. Secret bad girl.


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i stole money from my first employer...wasn't proud of it but wanted the cash since they treated me unfairly... hey i was only 14!


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When I was 7 or 8 I had a sticker collection, when we would go to Hallmark I would steal stickers when my Mom wouldn't buy them for me. Stickers?? How dumb was that.

In high school I would ditch, not every day but sometimes. I worked in the attendance office so I would just change the records for my friends & I to say we were there.


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*Raced cars
*Stayed out all night

That's two off the top ten
I was always honest. If confronted by my parents, I told the truth. My mother would tell me, "I don't know if I really want to hear all of this". I would reply, "You asked". I knew what I had done wasn't right and there was consequences. I got the penalties for what I did.

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