Ballet Flats, Clogs?

Christina Victoria

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I'm currently looking for a new, cute pair of either Ballet Flats or Clogs. Post your favorites, and a link if applicable.

Thanks, loves.

<3 Christina


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For higher end ballet flats I agree with smburton, J Crew has some really nice ones. For inexpensive ones I got a cute pair at Target believe it or not lol!
In clogs did you want the kind with the heel or the flat soled ones? If you want the flat soles, I swear by Birkenstock Boston clogs. I have 2 pair & I wear them constantly. I also have a nice pair of wool Haflingers that are really comfy.

Good luck in your search!


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Well since your from MA I would most def. go to Thom Brown on Newbury St. It's kind of near Urban Outfitters. But yeah Thom Brown has really cute flats and heels.