BBQ Lip Liner


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I've heard that bbq l/l is being d/c. Please say it isn't so
. That is my everyday liner, it's so perfect on me. I know a lot of woc love chestnut, but it's bbq that I usually reach for.


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please dont ruin my day mac!!!! are you serious angel? i love me some bbq.
i gotta get my haul on soon. now, cork is a very nice liner next to chestnut. cork is not so dark but more natural.


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I never tried cork cuz it seemed like it might not show up on me (my lips are dark and naturally lined), but I think I might give it a whirl.


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I have 2 inches of BBQ left. I have hunted high and low for a replacement. Cork is okay but it is a shade lighter than the natural liner I have on my lips. I stumbled across Cappuccino Lip liner from NYX (SPL 805). VERRRYYYY close to BBQ for me. It has not left my bag since.....

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