beauty is a curse on the world...


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okay, so i don't have my digital camera right now... and my makeup looked AMAZING yesterday so i decided to take some pictures with my camera phone. bad idea.... i had my makeup very, very dark... (dark soul pigment, black tied) with some bronze (milani shadows) and it didn't even show up in the picture.. still, i thought they turned out pretty good... on myspace i used "beauty is a curse on the world... it keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are..." (from nip/tuck) on the one with the makeup brush...

94584038543 points if you guess the brand of the brush. ;]



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gorgeous! Love the eyes
I also love the title! Nip/Tuck starts tonight and I can't wait!

{Dear Tragedy}

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Hot lips!

<3 nip tuck
I can't wait to see some people cut up tonight.
I love shows that make me feel like a completely functional human being.


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Originally Posted by lexi584
Beautiful! You remind me of Angelina Jolie.

oh my god, woah... thank you! i'm blushing right now. :x

thanks, everyone... you guys are too kind.

i'm getting ready to post more pictures... with waternymph and extrovert (my two fav colours)

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