Bed Bugs


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I just moved into a new apartment a little over 2 weeks ago. Everything was going fine until a few days ago when I woke up with a few little itchy bumps on my arms. I thought maybe there was just a mosquito in my apartment and didn't think much of it. Yesterday morning I woke up with several more bumps and contacted my mom, who suggested it might be bed bugs.

I found out a few hours later, the guy next door has a SEVERE bed bug infestation. Like tons of full size, adult bed bugs. Apparently they're headed in my direction now. I've yet to actually see a bug, but I have tons of bites to prove it.

The management at my building told me a pest control company was coming in to deal with my neighbor and that they would send them to my apartment as well. I was in class all day so I have no clue if they actually came in or not. The management office closes before I get back so I can't ask anyone, and the exterminators (if they even came) did not leave a note and it doesn't look like they moved anything.

I guess I'm just rambling. The point I'm trying to get at is: Has anyone here had to deal with bed bugs? And how did you get rid of them?

It's nearly 2:30 and I'm too afraid to go to bed. My skin is crawling and I'm not sure if I'll ever get over this experience.


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u can check between any crevaces in the mattress (the edges and the corner, even under the bed) and see if you can spot any bed bugs. usually they're big enough to be seen. don't use insecticide on your bed area because it's not good to have that stuff around your sleeping area. good luck! i hope they got those suckers out for good!


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I used to work in the office of a pest control company, and bed bugs are some nasty little critters. Bed bugs do NOT discriminate, they are not caused by a sanitation issue...they are just looking for a food source. It is an extensive process to get rid of them, and if the pest control company was doing there job, they may have just done the initial inspection to see if you are actually infested. The inspection in and of itself should take at least an hour, depending on the size of your home.

The next process begins the actual treatment - dependent on the company, they may use a chemical and/or steam treatment in your home. Dependent on the severity of the infestation, it can take SEVERAL treatments before the problem is gone. And there's a whole list of things you'll need to do prepare for the treatment.

I no longer work for the pest company, so I unfortunately no longer have the preparation checklist, but some of the things I remember you'll need to do include laundering all clothes and linens and placing them in the dryer to kill the live bugs. DO NOT move any of your furniture or take your mattress out of your room, as that can actually spread the infestation throughout your house if it hasn't already done so. You can contact the pest company to see about purchasing a mattress cover that is designed for bedb ugs for your mattress.

Make sure to check w/ the pest company to find out what kind of treatment they'll be doing. Depending on the size of your home, the treatment should be AT LEAST an hour - from what I was told, It can take about 30 minutes to an hour to treat each room because the technicians literally have to treat each crack and crevice where a bedbug can hide. I hope this helps!


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I've never had an issue with bed bugs before, so sorry I can't provide any advice on that. But I did have a big problem with spiders, ants, different kinds of funky bugs and even a mouse/rat in my house. They were somehow able to come inside my house from the outside. We have yet to find how where they are all coming in from. As far as I know for the most part the mouse/rat is definitely gone. I also haven't been seeing many bugs around the house either. So I totally feel your pain about having some kind of infestation in your home.

I would try to check with managment as soon as possible about what they are planning to do with your apartment. If you can't I would try to leave them a note or call them and leave a message possibly?

I wish you the best of luck trying to get rid of these icky things!


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Holy shit!! I am freaking out for you. Do what "Lil Mama J" said and check your mattress. The other pest control stuff sounds spot on, my hubby owns a home insp biz that does pest control & says same thing. I'm really sorry you are dealing with this.


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Eek! I'm scared of bed bugs when I travel... I'd hate to have them in my home. Just make sure you're on your management company about this... most states require requests to be left in writing so make sure you do that as well. Find out if pest control is covered by your lease.


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get a mattress cover..shoot I would get like a heavy duty plastic one to shield myself from the bugs for the time being. Like a waterproof one they make for bed wetters. get a new mattress if you see em in there.


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Thanks for the comments everyone.
The exterminators came in and sprayed everything.
I'm still getting bites but I guess they should be coming in for a follow-up sometime this week.
I'm so disgusted by this whole thing.
The guy who lived next door where the bugs originated has moved out, and I guess they're clearing out all of the furniture and everything so hopefully its getting under control.
If I continue to get bites after a few visits I'm seriously considering just moving out and burning all of my clothes and bedding. I'm not sure what else to do at this point.


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I am OCD like a mug...I would be looking for new mattresses and those would be burning on the curb, then I would be setting off cans of insect bombs all over the house if they live other places than in the bed......But thats me...Because even after having a pest control come in I would still be paranoid and itching just thinking about sleeping on that mattress...hell I'm itching Now


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A friend of mine just had the same problem. They were gone after two visits from the exterminators. good luck to you.


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Wash your duvet and if possible your bedding on a 60 degree wash.

A programme on the BBC just finished and the last episode featured bed bugs, gads! There's customers bugs were gone after 2 visits.

It might be worth investing in a steamer. I have one cleaning with and occassionally go over the bed and pillows with it.