before and after pics of my makeover


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i was on a makeover tv show called Style by Jury. here's me before:


and me after (all professionally made up by a stylist, makeup artist, and hair dresser... i tried to take them all home with me, but they didn't fit in my bag so smuggling them out of the studio wasn't possible):




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i loved the outfit too. i didn't get to keep it though
except for my wedding gown it was the most expensive outfit i've ever worn! the jacket alone was nearly $700!

the best part of the makeover is definitely my teeth. i feel so much more confident
i also got botox and restylane injections. too bad they don't last for more than 6ish months
but yay for Style by Jury!


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OMG ! Sexy you!
I watch that show almost everyday (but we have older series)!
Wew the judges hard the first time ?
But the second time, it must have felt really good hearing them!
And yaaay for teeth

You didn't keep any outfit?? I thought you can keep them, since they are taking you shopping


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I LOVE Style by Jury!!! I bet it was so much fun! Bummer you don't get to keep the outfit... I kinda figured that you would. But all well, the confidence boost is worth way more than any outfit anyways


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Originally Posted by L1LMAMAJ
wow so nice!! u look gorgeous! how were u able to get on the show?

a friend nominated me as a joke. lol. i broke a tooth, was watching the show while recovering from having it pulled and vented on my facebook status that someone needed to nominate me (cuz my teeth sucked). a friend did, figuring i needed a pick me up (it was right after my husband and i broke up)... a couple of days later i got a call from the producer. met him later that week.... met the other two producers.... and voila! i was on the show.

purple_pumpkin... the first jury sucked!! they made me cry. although the people behind the scenes were really reassuring and lovely, reminding me that it was "tv", not to take it all to heart, etc.

i'm not sure when it will be airing yet. they told me it probably won't be until december/january. i've been checking out the schedule on their website. i don't think i'm going to watch my episode, but i'll let you all know when it airs

on November 3rd at 9:30pm they're airing the woman i filmed the "bad" jury scenes with. she and i have become good friends through the show

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