Before November 4th...


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(I posted this on Myspace, thought I'd share it with you too.)

I know that some of you probably already voted during early voting, but for those of you that are voting on election day, I ask you, please, do something for me...

Every one of you voting on election day should go to, whether you are Democrat or Republican.

There has been a lot of speculation going on, rumors in emails, media, etc. about both parties. A lot of these are misleading, some full-blown lies.

I believe everyone that is voting should be EDUCATED on both candidates. Question everything! Emails are sent out daily in order to misguide you, and a lot of people will do anything and say ANYTHING to get you to vote a certain way.

November 4th is a HUGE day for America, and every American has the opportunity to be educated on the facts and details of this election and to vote accordingly.

Please do not just accept information that you hear or read, find a neutral, unbiased source of information, especially pertaining to radical accusations.

I would to like to expect a lot from the American people, but I've heard far too many people reciting bogus emails and bulletins as the reason they are voting one way or another. PLEASE do not vote ignorantly. America deserves more than that.


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Well said.

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