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@shellygrrl ~ I agree! I think it looks very pretty.

Benefit Blush Bar ~ Spring 18
Featuring the new Gold Rush Blush
benefit%u00252Bblush%u00252Bbar%u00252Bprintemps%u00252B2018.JPG benefit%u00252Bblush%u00252Bprintemps%u00252B2018.jpg

Just like pre-made eye shadow palettes, I am trying to avoid pre-made blush palettes as well.

I gave away my last Benefit palette for non-use. The one before that, I de-potted. I still use those pans.

Last year, I purchased the mini of Galifornia, which saved me money. I will hold out for a single (preferably mini) of the new Gold Rush Blush too.

(info from kleo-beaute)

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