BeneFit PosieTint :o)


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Heeeey my lovelies!

So BeneTint's baby sister PosieTinit is being released v v soon... (June) But I'm hoping someone in the US at least has had a chance to get their mitts on it?

It is described as a baby pink / poppy pink colour, and on MUA a not-very-impressed reviewer says its actually a bright barbie pink - so thats me pretty much sold on it!!

Cant wait for it to be released! I may even pre-order it on and get 20% off it whilst the offers still running... I adore Benetint so hope I wont be disappointed with PT.

So has anyone tried it? Got it? Your thoughts....


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you can get it from the uk Benefit site or it looks soo nice, i already own benetint and i find it a lil too runny sometimes i mainly use it as a red base for when i wear red lipstick and it helps it last much longer.
Musings of a Muse has actually reviews it and took pictures wearing it, it looks pretty bright on her but i suppose if you use it sparingly it would be really pretty.. heres the link
Musings of a Muse: Benefit Posietint Review


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oh just realised you can only pre-order on hqhair like you mentioned lol im sure you can already buy it from the benefit uk site though


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cheers hun, I went into House of Fraser on my lunch break and they didnt have it there, so I'm gonna pop into my local counter 2mrw and see if they have... I wanna get it from hqhair cos of the Glamour magazine promotion atm giving 20% off...

wow it does look quite bright on the Amuse site but so can benetint, you have to get the right balance! I think I'm gonna get me one :0)

im an nc40 too so it prob wont come out as bright on me!


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It looks like it'll be the perfect pink lippy that I'm looking for but I plan on applying it way lighter on the cheeks!


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OMG! Mine was delivered yday... get it! Its perfect... the colour, the consistency! PINK ALL THE WAY!


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I tried this out at the counter yesterday - I love it, it's the perfect colour for me and the consistency is waaay better than benetint.
Just wish I had enough money to actually buy it!


It is fab, although I tried it out on my lunch break and I think the girl put a bit too much on me! It was very pink! Still bought it though...


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When I was in LA for a couple days, I went to their store on Third Street and bought this. I have to say.. I LOVE IT. It's pretty fluorescent looking in the bottle, but on my porcelain-toned skin it's beautiful. I have mahogany colored hair and am fairly pale, so this is a really pretty color on me. I think it'd looked best on other fair-skinned girls. It's very dewy looking on the skin, very fresh and natural, but still pretty opaque when layered. It's a slightly peach bright pink. I love it 10000000xs more than BeneTint on my skin. A must have in my opinion.


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I've tried it and its pretty cute! But the benefit lady was pretty heavy handed with it, so I looked a bit mad! It's a much nicer colour and consistencey than Benetint, and like the poster above me said, it'd go really well on paler skins, I like it!


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Originally Posted by resin
can someone please swatch it?

thanks !

you can see it on cheeks and lips here.

i was looking at the sephora website the other night because we're finally getting one (i guess this city's movin' on up, eh? hahahaha!) and this caught my eye. i didn't want to buy it online, but i added it to my mental list of things to check out at sephora when it finally opens.

i figure the place is going to be a madhouse, and there's a couple things i want to just run in and buy without dealing with the madness of a makeup store grand opening in bro-hoeville...and i think i'm going to add posietint to that list after reading this thread and seeing it actually on someone.


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I bought this yesterday and I havent tried the Benetint as it always looks to dark and puts me off!! BUT.... I really like this - the SA put some on for me and the results are fab

At first on the lips I was like woooo it was quite shocking pink but she then put some lipgloss over the top and I really like it and it lasted all day on me.

Very impressed so I had to go back and buy it.


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i bought posietint on friday.

it is kind of a barbie pink in the bottle, but when you put it on it sheers down alot. it tastes really gross though so i probably won't be using it on my lips anymore, which isn't too bad i guess since it doesn't really do much for my extremely pigmented lips anyway. it looks like heaven on my cheeks though. yuuum.


I can't make up my mind whether to try this one. My Benetint is almost ran out, and is getting a bit yucky now (I think some of my foundation transferred to the brush and mixed with the stuff. gross I know) so needs replacing.

I'm very pale skinned, but never had a problem with Benetint looking fake or too much on me, so in that respect I'm not sold on Posietint. But with it being a relatively new Benefit product, I want it.

Yet at the UK prices, I can't afford it if I'm not going to love it as much as Benetint. I'm hoping they release a PocketPal version of it, or feature it in one of their mini box kits soon.