Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Deep


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Totally unrelated, really, but you are hot! And I love your accent. Your profile says you live in the U.K. but you have an Australian accent.


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Lol I don't hear a hint of Australian! Definitely British, and definitely gorgeous!

Are you wearing it? It looks great on you....LOL @ 3/10(tell us how you really feel!!)

But what I hate the most is that it's being marketed for people with dark skin, ie "ethnic" as if we should now feel inclusive because they've stretched the shade range by one to fit us in, though in actual fact it will probably only work on someone with a light tan....def came up white and ashy on me!

Indian Barbie

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yeah it's not a great product. i MADE it work for me because i didn't want it to be a waste lol. I'm actually enjoying it but i won't buy it again! Gimmick !!!(like a lot of other benefit products - oops didn't say that)

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