Benefit You Rebel Lite... any good?


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Has anyone tried this? I'm looking for a nice tinted moisturizer that gives a little bit of coverage and will look ok on my NC15 skin, in theory this one looks pretty good.

Has anyone tried it? If not and you any other recs they'd be more than welcome.

Thanks x


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Hey, I actually had a makeover at the Benefit counter the other day, and they tried You Rebel Lite on me, and it went on SO smooth, it felt really good. Its lighter than a foundation, but a bit more than their product 'Some Kind of Gorgeous'. I really loved it! I have an olive complexion - what is NC15? Apologies for the ignorance, I'm new..


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You Rebel is oxidisation city. Within a day or two of opening it turns into this vile nuclear waste electric orange.


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Originally Posted by frocher
NC15 is a foundation shade made by mac. It is the lightest yellow based shade.

Oh, thanks for the clarification.. I getcha. (New to makeup, and all the lingo!)


I'm NC15 too, and this was way too dark for me. I was upset though, because YouRebel was like 8 shades too dark and this is about 3-4. I was expecting something lighter!


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I bought you rebel the other day.. i asked the women whether i should get the original or the lite 1.. n she said to get the original 1 as the lite would be too light and when i got it home n tried it it was far too dark for my skin was like rubbing fake tan in n is quite orange.. n it goes red too


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I got a sample of You Rebel Lite, as well as the original, from Sephora. Definitely not good if you have oily skin. I was hoping "Lite" would mean a lighter formula, or oil-free or something, but it was super greasy and felt sticky.

I know a lot of people on Specktra use Stila's tinted moisturizers, though! I've never tried one, but I'm hoping to order the oil-free one from Sephora soon.


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I am an NC15 and as stated by someone else above it is still way way to dark and orangey for me. As far as tinted moisturizers go I really like Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in shade 01. Just enough color without being overpowering. Hope you find something that works.

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