best base for electroflash e/s


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calling all electroflash e/s fans: what's the best base under these-paints, p/p, udpp, ccb? i having a hard time figuring this out, i just recently bought udpp and feel like returning it, so convince me otherwise....

i put fix fluid all over face and eyes, then udpp on eyes, then luna ccb then hot contrast, result-sort of thined out/disappeared in eye area ABOVE crease, but below brow area...????????????


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UDPP is working fine for me.

Odd couple really needs to be applied wet - it's an explosion of glitter on your cheeks otherwise!


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paint pots.. the colored ones are good too..
I don't have electroflash, but I still have that silversmith from antiquitease. I used rollickin' as a base and it looked stunning!!