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best cosmetic lines drugstore and high end to purchase while in Hong Kong


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Jill stuart. Its actually a japanese brand but they have really princessy and cute packaging.


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you should definitely check out SaSa, here's their Hong Kong store locator http://corp.sasa.com/tc/store-locator; this store sells both highend and drugstore cosmetics ~


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Oh no! I'm a little bit late to answer this but for drugstore brands, definitely check out Majolica Majorca (mascaras), Fasio (Eyeshadow quads), JCL (Something like that) for their lipgloss with a unique wand.

For High End, I would recommend Jill Stuart (cute packaging!), Paul & Joe, some other korean brands such as Vidi Vici, RMK, etc.

I love RMK Foundations, it's just pricey. LOL!