Best Drugstore liq Foundation & Powder for oily skin recs?


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I'm looking for the best drugstore brand liquid foundations and setting powders for oily/combo/acne prone skin.

i've tried revlon colorstay and it just didn't agree with my skin.. so i'm on the hunt for another brand..

was reading and saw some good reviews on Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup?

also any drugstore concealer recommendations for pimple/acne spots as my MAC just isn't cutting it!

thanks a lot!

lol i'm like in desperate need and want to run down to CVS NOW! (well asap - need some good recs)


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I love Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid foundation. I am not sure aobut powder, but I also have oily skin and have been using Maybellines Mineral Powder pressed powder and it works really well on me


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I really like the Neutrogena Healthy Skin makeup. I haven't worn it long-term, usually just a every once in awhile thing, but I do love the way it makes my skin look, like my skin, but better. I'm also acne-prone (extremely) and oily, so I always set it with loose powder, and sometimes use a primer if I'll be having a long day. It's nice, especially for drugstore!
I am in the same boat & forever looking for HG's for my oily skin. I'm not making a recommendation, but i am going to tell you to stay away from Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

I picked up the powder thinking wow, matte powder for oily skin but it truly didn't help one single bit. The compact itself is a bit odd w/ the mirror being underneath the actual powder. Although the application was smooth, it didn't help in mattifying my skin, not even the less oily parts like my cheeks & jaws. I don't think it was particulaly made for oily skin,, but for normal skin thats looking for a matte finish.


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lol i did go ahead and get the maybelline matte powder and actually like the results i've had with it, thus far..

its been keeping my oil at bay better than my MAC MSFN or MAC sheer pressed powder.. and i like it thus far - it does the job for me. and understand not everyone has the same skin

i actually skipped the neutrogena foundation as i ended up seeing a lot of reviews for it that people broke out afterwards.. and ended up getting sally hansen natural beauty inspired by carmindy.. both the spray foundation and liquid and so far i like it - will give it a week or two before i do a review on my blog.

i actually mentioned these rproducts on my drugstore video haul on my YT channel


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Revlon's Colorstay pressed powder is amazing! It's like silk and keeps shine away. (I've even heard that Kim Kardashian loves it). You can wear it as a light foundation also with concealer, just apply it with a good brush. My fav ds liquid foundation is Photo Ready. For ds concealer I love Revlon Colorstay Blemish Healing. It covers well,stays put, and really does heal and make any spots go away quicker.


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I just want to throw in: STAY AWAY from Cover Girl Tru Blend. I have an oily Tzone and it just makes it even worse, I have to apply powder about 50 times a day to keep my face matte.


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Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte in Translucent. Works well for all skintones.

Foundation: I quite like Bourjois, it works well on my combo skin and is good for building up coverage. Also, if you manage to regulate the oil your skin produces then give the Revlon Matte foundation a go (it comes in a black squeezy tube thing).


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For liquid - The best drugstore foundation I've tried is Bourjois healthy mix foundation, its good coverage, didn't break me out and gave a nice matte finish.

Bourjois 10hr sleep effect is said to be very good, however I will try this when I'm in the market for a new foundation.

Hope this helps!

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