Best eye pencils for NC15 with green - blue eyes?

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I want to treat myself to a few MAC eye pencils and would be very happy if you could recommend some of them to me. Mostly looking for interesting greens, grey, blacks, purples and a dark blue. I can't wear anything like plummy or brown shades with heavy red undertones, colors like this near my eyes just don't work for my coloring (soft, dark blonde).

What are the shades I should definately take a look at? Thank you!


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I'm NC20 with blue eyes. I'm like you...nothing with red undertones and brown does not look good on me. I have Teddy liner. Its ok when I need something soft, but its not my favorite.

My favorite (other than everyday black) is Mac's So There Jade. Gorgeous!!! I use it alot to line my bottom lashes. And I just picked up Prussian to go with my Prussian blue shadow. I'm liking this one alot too.


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I'm NC15 with light blue eyes and I totally agree with Jade. But I'm in the minority- I love plum colored liners next to my eyes. The contrast is insane.

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