Best Lure lippy


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Hi All

Since my nearest counter is over 2 hours away, I'm going be buying my Lure stuff online. I can only afford one lipstick at the mo as I want alot of the eye stuff. Any recommendations, I'm NC15, dark brown hair and eyes.

Thank you


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stroke of lust, is a very universal colour... it would prob suit most people.

and as pretty please isnt ltd, theres no point getting that one.


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I have yellow undertones and Stroke of Lust is too cool for me, but Lure looks very nice. I will say I do not like Goddess at all!


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I am very pale but with somewhat pigmented lips and Stroke of Lust didn't show up on me at all. I got Lure which is more of a deep berry color


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Personally all the lipsticks were aweful on me. I ended up using my Sundressing Aprisol. What are your favorite colors that you already wear? In my personal opinion.... Stroke of Lust is a cool pink, really nice if you can wear it. A great match to the maidenchant blush creme. Lure I think is pretty average when I tried it on it looked like nothing. Goddess is very pearl.