Best non-makeup haul EVER!


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So I started Christmas shopping almost a month ago. When you have 5 kids, you have to catch sales when you can, lol.

On Black Friday I ordered hubby an electric guitar kit, and my 2 teenage sons the Rockband 2 kit with all the instruments in it. Also got the 3 younger girls some crafty stuff, and some preschool Wii games.

So it was creeping up on Christmas, and hubby was mad because he hadn't gotten me anything yet, and even though we get paid weekly, we had bills, etc.

So we went into the mall, and there's a new Verizon store. I drug him in there to show him the DROID and how(I think) it's better than the iPhone that he wants...

And we walked out with two DROIDS!
Oh.My.GOSH.I love this phone! And YAY for getting paid a day early!

It's hubby's first cell phone in 12 years (Huh?!?), and I got to dump my crap-ass Helio/Virgin Mobile junk.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


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lol first cell phone in 12 years? I change cell phones like 1293732847894 times a year!!!

Feliz Natal/Navidad/Merry Xmas