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Hi ladies,
I want to do a big purchase of NYX products online but I hardly use it. I only have a couple of Jumbo pencils and eye/lip liners. I want to buy lipsticks and try them out but I don't know which colors would be best to purchase. It would be great if I can have your opinion on your favorite NYX round lipsticks! Thanks for the help.


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It's hard to say because I don't know your skin tone and things that I adore may not look great on you. So since you know what looks good on you, I've divided my list up a little bit.
Indian Pink - which is a frosted gold-hued pink that I think everyone should own.
Spellbound - classic sharp rose. A goes with anything kinda colour. Depending on your skin tone, you may prefer Fig for this purpose.
Strawberry Milk - perfect mod vintage pink.
Louisiana - Vibrant, neon pink.
Margarita- soft, shimmery coral pink.

Snow White - Classic rich deep blue red.
Fire - A bright, magenta toned red.
Chaos - Vintage Pinup red
Electra - Wearable mid-toned red.


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Thanks :) I decided to pick up Mars and Strawberry Milk for now. I love nudes and Strawberry Milk looks like Viva Glam Gaga which called my attention.

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did you like i t? if so why?

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