Best Setting Spray for Combo/Oily Skin?


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking at getting a setting spray. I have combination/oily skin. My T-Zone and eyelids are unbelievably oily and I'm trying to find the best one to get.

I'm trying to decide between the UD De-Slick, Skindinavia Matte and Model in a Bottle.

I know that Skindinavia makes UD's setting sprays but at the same time, could one be better than the other?

If anyone has used them, please let me know. Also - do you apply it before foundation and after, or just after?

Thanks! :)


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Model in a Bottle isn't really all it's cracked up to be. It's more of a novelty than anything else.
As far as deciding between Skindinavia for Urban Decay, or just the normal Skindinavia, look at who they market to.
Skindinavia markets itself as more of a luxury/spa brand, so their mattifying spray would be designed for their target demographic of someone slightly older. Slightly older skin doesn't get oily in the same way younger skin does. Urban Decay's main demographic is mostly younger, trendier people. Therefore, their product would be better designed to meet the needs of someone with younger oily skin.
So I would say UD.
I apply setting sprays on oily skin both before and after when I'm working on an oily client. I'll first rub down their face with a hypoallergenic baby wipe for sensitive skin, let that dry completely, mist the face very lightly, use a wedge sponge to rub it in, let it set, and then blot the skin just in case it didn't absorb evenly. Then I apply foundation mixed with primer, very lightly mist again, let it dry for a minute or two, and then set with powder. I find this works the best.