Best time at the counter today!


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So after trying on my Utterly Frivolous lipstick, my friend fell in love with it! So I called my closest counter (30mins away) and they actually had some left! So I asked to have one held for me. When we got there the MA remembered talking to me (she was super sweet!) and another MA was helping my friend decide on a lipgloss. He was so awesome that he handed the sale to the other MA because she had talked to me earlier (I know how they have sales goals and such). So she helped my friend, while he got my stuff. He was so adorable! I was talking to him about the Beauty Powder Blushes and Heatherette and he pulled me over behind to counter to let me try out Strobe Liquid. I told him I was saving my money for the blushes and Heatherette so the other MA gave me a sample! They were sooo nice it was the best experince I've ever had there!

Anyway, after that long story! lol I walked away with

Rock Out Slimshine
Long Stem Rose Slimshine
Charged Water Revitalizing Energy

And back on Thursday!


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yaaaay great haul! I love fun experiences at mac.


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I'm so addicted to Revitalizing Energy! You'll see, you'll start with one spritz and you won't be able to stop!