Best way to apply NARS Laguna?


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So, I just bought Laguna today and I'm trying to figure out the best way to apply it so I don't look over the top dramatic. I'm gonna be using it with a duo fiber brush (Sonia Kashuk) for now but was wondering if you guys recommend other brushes.



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I use MAC 109 brush. I also like Smashbox fan brush , but it's too sheer and i have to to two layers of color. I am very pale, MAC NC20 and it's never over the top. Laguna is great for lighter skin tones.


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The classic NARS taught way to apply it is a number 3 pattern: across from under cheek bone near apple of cheek towards hair line then along hairline towards mid of forehead and then from under cheek-bone along hairline towards and along jawbone towards chin. ... that would be the most subtle glow as appose to all over face. That's the best text description I can give. Use a medium to big size face brush or bronzer brush. Grab a bit of product you can always add more if it's too light.


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I am pasty pale and use this every day. The MAC 109 deposited too much color and doens't blend as well. The MAC 138 however is my HG bronzer brush, it blends flawlessly. I apply it under my cheekbones and to the temples in the "C" shape.


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I use a fluffy blush brush for this, tap it out on my hand first and apply to my temple, the high plains of my cheek bones, and a bit on my jaw. So kind of like the "3" just minus the parts too close to the hairline. I then go very lighting down the middle of my face, a bit on my nose, a teeny bit on my forhead and chin. Think of where you would get the most sun. Go lightly through the middle so it doesnt look like you have a big cocoa brown line, but it gives a more natural harmonious glow imo.

For the record i am a MUFE HD 115.


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I also use a fluffy blush brush (mine is Sigma) and just apply it lightly to where I would tan the most. Cheeks, nose, chin, then soften it out with a kabuki brush so there are no lines and the edges look like they just got a bit of sun. I love Laguna and I am a pale NW15!