Biotherm Q's on specific products...can U help?

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I am very curious about a few products: I have the following:

Source therapie (eye cream)
Biopur gel crystal cleanser
Biopur exfoliant
Biopur toner
Aquasource Mositurizer

Can someone tell me what these claim to do specifically? I have an oily T zone and the sides of my nosse/sheek area gets a bit oliy too. I get tiny pimples on and off and I wonder if this is clogged pores? I want to treat my skin with the respect it deserves! I also want results! Can anyone help me???

I am getting (I think) Source Therapie! What does this do and will it even out my uneven skin tone. I have redder areas on my cheeks and nose(not rosacea). Thanks so very much!
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