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Hey y'all so my birthday is the 27th(but we're celebratin' on the 25th...) and I'm tryin to make all the hard decisions like dress, shoes, etc and I think I've wore my friends out with a the pics and comparisons so I'm comin' to y'all for help! Hope you don't mind!!


that's the dress...which is 26in. and I thiiink too long for me so I'm gonna have it taken about 22in(like the last two tiers), hahaha

Now what I'm stumped on is MAKEUP! I really want to do it up, but I don't know if I want a deep smokey eye orrr what...what are y'alls suggestions for eyeshadow combinations?(MAC please)....

oh...and while we're on the topic...which shoes do you think would go better with the dress....


thanks in advance to anyone with advice...I just feel like I've bothered my girls to death


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I'm seeing ... Red Velvet shadestick as a base, Deer Cupcake on the inner 1/3 of the lid, Rompin or Post Haste on the outer 2/3, smoked out with Stately Black/Black Tied ... maybe Knight Divine if you want to go less black.

Maybe you can even work some Reflects Pink in there somewhere ... use a mixing medium and line the upper eye with it?

And definitely the second pair of shoes.


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I would go with a smoky pink/purple look with shadows like sushi flower, post haste and plum dressing. I like the second pair of shoes the best.


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the first pair of shoes...I would do a neutral eye...maybe Blonde's gold all over with a little Chocolate Brown and carbon. Tiny wing on the outer corner and MLBB lipstick


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Super cute! Happy early Bday!

I would do dark metallicy smokey grey eyeshadow with lots of eyeliner, falsies and very neutral lips... I would also stick with straight hair just because I would want all my volume to be in the dress... to really show of the ruffles... like the comparison. Also part of why I like the second shoes... the first ones look too similar in style to dress... I like they second because the bring some edge to a pretty pink party dress.


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I say definitely go with the 2nd pair of shoes. Make-up wise I'd go for a smokey look-- I'd do a a light frosty pink as a highlight, a hot pink on the lid and black in the crease and pinkish-nude lips. I'd also go for fake lashes because those are always fun


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since the dress is such a bold color, i would say going for something a little more subtle on your face. like maybe a simple nude eye with a lot of attention to liner and mascara, but lips that pop.

if you definitely are going for color on the lids, i'd say either go with blues, purples, or even gold/champagne colors, depending on your skintone.

what i initially thought of when i saw the dress was a pale blue lid with a darker purple in the crease/outer V color.

hope that helps.
good luck, and happy birthday!! :)

oh, and the second pair of shoes are hotter, but the first seem to go with the dress more.


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Your dress is all ready very eye-catching so I think the simplicity or the second shoe will go very nicely with the dress.

For makeup, try a peachy/bronze eye with glamorous lashes, glowy pink cheeks, and a light pink gloss with gold glimmer.

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