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bitter smoke


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Here's a tutorial that you all wanted.. It's a look that I haven't posted before.. Enjoy!

MUFE foundation and powder
MAC studio finish concealor
msf dark
earth to earth blush

spiked eyebrow pencil
bare canvas and chartru paints
blacktrack f/l (as a base and liner)
bitter e/s
carbon e/s
bottle green e/s
llama e/s
vanilla e/s

rimmel liner in "addiction"
creme de nude l/s
lust l/g

On to the business!


no face makeup!
-I started by underlining my brows with spiked.
-lightly powdered my lids with MUFE powder.
-applied bare canvas paint, using my finger.


-applied chartru paint to my crease, also using my finger.


-applied bitter e/s to my crease using the smashbox #10 brush (like mac's 224)


-applied blacktrack on my lids as a base, using the 252 brush


Sorry I kinda forgot to take separate pics here..
-applied carbon e/s to my lid with the 213 brush
-then added bottle green e/s to my crease using the 224 brush
-applied llama e/s to the edge of bitter and blended it out using the 239 brush
-applied vanilla e/s right under my brows using the 239 brush again


-filled in my brows with spiked eyebrow pencil


-applied studio finish concealor under my eyes using the 217 brush
-applied MUFE face and body foundation using the 190 brush
-applied MUFE powder using the 182 brush


-contoured with msf dark, using this cheap little blush brush. It's way to small to apply blush but perfect for contouring


-applied earth to earth blush with the 168 brush


-lined my eyes with blacktrack f/l and the 210 brush
-applied loreal's voluminous mascara in carbon black
(I do my eyeliner and mascara after my face powder because I don't want powder particles to stick to it, making it not as dark. And if I had lashes I would put them on right here.)

The finished look! (put on my lipliner, lipstick, and gloss)


I dunno if you can tell, but I took the red streaks out of my hair. I stripped, bleached, and dyed them dark blue. You can't really tell here, but in the sun it looks HOT!

Again, sorry for the lack of step-by-step pictures, HTH though!

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