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Blow Drying Depotting Tutorial


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Always begin with your least loved eyeshadow and please be patient with haridryer depotting,

1. Prise the top half of the pot lid off with a screwdriver

2. Place the top half youve removed face down on a dark towel in case you mess up- but you shouldnt if your going to be patient!
hold the hairdryer about 3cm vertically away from the pan and turn on for 2 minutes at least- time yourself and don't be impatient!

3. switch off, pick up the pan and try bending the plastice outwards. if you hear an 'unsticking' sound its ready to be lifted up by needle/safety pin. if not, blowdry again for another minute and a half.

4. get a medium sixed saftey pin/sturdy needle and attempt to poke it a visible gap around the metal pan part. if you can't find one, blowdry and bend the plastic again even if very slightly. getting impatient at this point will cause chips in your eyeshadows

5. keep poking and lifting the metal pan up until the metal pan can be held in between fingers and lift

magnetize, label and place in palette

I did this successfully with 28 eyeshadows i think, and had one major casualty which was soba ( i never really liked it but it was brand new and cost me £9- ouch) i lost this one inbetween because of impatience!

if you do get slight chips not to worry as you can brush them out and get rid of them eventually as you use your brushes over them.

Hope this is helpful. sorry for the absence of pictures, not yet mastered the art of inserting them in posts


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Hm.. I've never tried this, I've always used the candle method. I'll give it a shot though


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i love this method better than with the candle!! its wayyyy better no sticky fumes. except i didnt put it face down i held it with tweezers, i think urs sounds better cuz sometimes i heat my fingers holding metal tweezers :spy:


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i was extremely reluctant about depotting full stop but y'know i think its really going to help cut down my MAC spending as i now realise i have *so* many colour just too similar to eachother now that i can see all my shadows lined up


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Thanks for writing a tutorial! I'm not sure if i'll ever depot though as i love the flip tops but it's good to have a technique of depotting that i can do available if i do decide to depot as i don't like the idea of using a flame.


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ive actually converted to the heat embossing tool method since this, its much quicker than a hair dryer and i have had no casualties what so ever, takes about a minute.


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I prefer the sound of this method to the others. I want to depott my old e/s but im still scared to do it tho,lol.
I like the look of my e/s being in palettes & would benefit with B2M


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I've used this method to successfully depot 10 or more of my shadows...if youre patient, it works like a charm. Thanks for this tut!