blush,a must-have?


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I tend to wear full makeup so I love love love blush!

I like max factor blushes (plumberry!). Mac blushes are pretty, too...though I haven't found the one "for me" yet :[


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I like really baby pink blush since I have pale skin...although it doesn't always look the most "realistic", it looks super CUTE! Try one of the MAC cream blushes.


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I like using a blush when I do my makeup cos it balances the entire look out. A bronzer is great for contouring as well.


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I have Breath of Plum, and I love it... it's easy to layer and it never seems to look like you have too much on.


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i like coygirl and loverush! loverush can be a bit much because its HIGHLY pigmented, but with a soft hand it can look beautiful! coygirl is a nice blushly pink and i use it everyday! both are my favs!


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I own 6 MAC blushes ( soon to be 8 : Strange Hybrid ) and I absolutely loooove them !
I own :

Fleur power
Well dressed
Foolish me

Since I started with Mac blushes I became a real blush addict ! This has become my number 2 beauty product after mascara ! It's always part of my beauty routine.



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guys i just got springsheen and i hafta admit...applied wid 187 and totally rocks!!! completes da look!!!love it !!thanx fer da feedback y'all!!!


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I'm obsessed with ALL blush! For the longest time I thought peaches would be the only color that suited me, but then one day I tried a plum and then a pink~ I definitely feel like my face is lacking something if I don't blush it out :]


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I just purchased today what i believe is called "Sweet William"? It is REALLY nice. I have pale-ish skin too and this is a nice shimmery pink. Its not so pink that makes you look like a doll or freak lol but its not so nude to where it makes it look like you have no mkeup on. its really shimmery too