Blush colours to go with Cyndi VG?


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How does Cyndi show up on your lips? On some it shows pinkish, warm red, cool red.. It's best to match the undertone of your lipstick to your blush color. It shows up as a warm coral/red on me so I personally would go with a warm color.. such as MAC Eversun, NARS Lovejoy, Sunbasque.. or a softer coral such as MAC Peaches.. (maybe even MAC Style would look pretty depending on how it shows up on your skin.. on mine its a glowy coral.. but some its a coral/pink.) Someone also mentioned NARS Cactus Flower.. which I think would look gorgeous!


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I am NW20 and Cyndi looks is a watermelon shade on me - a pinky coral red. I am wearing it with Springsheen for a peachy look or Blooming for something more pink. On my skintone, it works with both warmer and cooler blush shades.


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I like it with ol' faithful - NARS orgasm! Also love it with Bobbi Brown pot rouge in powder pink - on me it completely matches the color of my natural flush!


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Two ideas. If you're searching for a very chic look, try with a subtle shimmer, something similar to your skintone or even a bit paler, as maybe Ripe Peach.
If you're looking for a more funny look, go with a grape colour, as Vintage Grape, just for naming a recent blush!


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I wear my Cyndi l/s with the Ripe Peach Ombre blush. I know it's an LE item but maybe u can swap for it or find it on ebay? Good luck! And I wear C4 in the face & body foundation, Cyndi comes up on me as a warm coral, absolutely lurve this color :)

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