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anyone pick up the new BB Camo palette or either of the Camo luxe eye singles ? Thoughts on them or swatches please :)


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Incandescent is very similar to MAC's Stylishly Merry from the 2017 Holiday Collection. It's a little brighter, meaning the base color is more beige where the MAC base color is more grey?/deeper brown, and perhaps it leans the tiniest bit more peachy than pink. Overall the same idea. The glitter in these shadows seem just one size up from the glitter in Jungle.
And speaking of that, Jungle is a grey (possibly deep khaki)....grey-khaki base with green and pink refined glitters. I'm usually not a glitter fan, but this is glitter done for adults. Ya know, not XXX glitter, but with some grace. What?! I'm terrible at describing things. I usually hate glitter in any products, but these are ok. Not chunky glitter. More refined than the glitter in Dazzleshadows and Moondust shadows.
In conclusion, they are pretty and I'm glad I have them in my collection, but I have not worn them on the eye yet. Also of note, I decluttered all my Moondust and Dazzleshadows.


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[MENTION=92925]boschicka[/MENTION] ~

Ask & ye shall receive ;) Here's a red palette!
Infra-Red Holiday 2018 ~ $39
September 15th for Rouge

holiday-2018_bobbi-brown-infrared_003_promo.jpg holiday-2018_bobbi-brown-infrared_004_promo.jpg

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