Bobbi Brown Interview Process



Hello Beautiful Ladies!!:eek:so I'm in the interview process for the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter and I already had the first interview with HR then I had a phone interview with the account executive and I guess I already did the talent + questionnaire online and she read me my results and said I have the qualities that they are looking for and told me she was going to forward my information to the counter manager so she could set me up for a makeup application interview and that she should contact me within a couple days, and that phone call with the AE was yesterday as of 04/18/2017.
I think I'm just overthinking everything and being impatient cause I'm starting to trip lol, my question for you ladies is how long does it usually take to set up that interview? And how long till the counter manager contacts me?

And how was your Estée Lauder interviews and hiring process??

thank you ladies so much!!!