Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compacts?


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Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick Palette

Hi Christina

I have the Bronze Shimmerbrick, and I like it. The colours swirled together make a really pretty slighty shimmery glowy colour on my cheeks, and I've used the colours individually as eyeshadow. The Apricot seems nice but I prefer the Bronze.


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I hear the bronze one is really nice. I have the pink one and I don't reach for it that much. Only because I thought it was going to have more color. From what I understand the pink is really the only one with out any nice color.


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Originally Posted by Alexa
i LOOOOVE beige!! it's the perfect highlighter.

I agree!!!!


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I have two of them, bronze and rose. I liked them very much, but I don't reach for them too often.
The Face Blender is my favorite brush for applying blush!

Christina Victoria

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I have the pink one - no color pay off, but a nice shimmer. I have to admit though, since I have found MSFs, I never reach for it


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I have Beige. I don't think there is much color payoff in the Beige, although it makes an awesome highlighter because the shimmer is so fine. I'll definitely try the Bronze next.


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I have the bronze, the beige and the pink bricks. The pink is definitely my least favorite ... far too cool for my skin tone. The face blender brush is definitely amazing ... I use it with my MSFs as well. Very good quality!


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I have 3 shimmerbricks - Bronze, Rose and Pink. Personally I don't reach for them that often and prefer my MSFs over this because the shimmer becomes overpowering if I apply to much and unlike MSFs, the shimmer doesn't "settle" into my skin, if you get what I mean. But these are overall very pretty


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I have both Apricot & Bronze, and I adore them both
... I get more color payoff from the Bronze overall, but the Apricot is such a fresh color. What I love most about them is that I can use them all over (and I do) -- as blush, bronzer, and as eyeshadow. They give a radiant look IMO, and you just can't go wrong with a healthy glow



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I have Apricot, Pink and Rose. Rose is my favourite. Pink doesn't really show up except as a shimmer and Apricot, tragically, doesn't suit me. It's a gorgeous colour, but it's too warm for me, I think. I still use my MAC skinfinishes more than I use my shimmerbricks though.


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I have both The Body Shop's and Bobbi Browns, and personally-I prefer The Body Shop's. It goes on much smoother!