Boxes: keep or throw?


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Sorry not sure where to post this. Please move if there is a better place for this topic. :)

Do you all keep the original boxes for your makeup?


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Yes! I keep them until i finish the product. I know it's a little bit hoardy.

Ha, true! I do the same, mostly. My MAC (largest part of my MU collection) are often cut up though, as I use them for storage - chop the box in, tape the half-boxes together into rows to fit into a drawer.

I keep all my LE packaging pristine though.


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I throw out boxes for perm lipsticks. The limited edition ones I keep whether in special packaging or not.:thumbsup:


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I keep all boxes i give myself a million reasons that in my mind are valid...because i am a makeup junkie

but since i hoard makeup some that I barley use so when I shop my stash to pass them forward its a shame to let make sit there unused I like to give them away in their original box.

Halfrican Chic

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I like to keep the original packaging. High end or drugstore... I like having items in their original packaging where I write the date of first use. If I have backups, then I write the number on the packaging to make sure that I use them in order.


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I never used to keep boxes, but I have been as of late- makes it easier to find shades in jam-packed storage!

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