BP Oil Spill


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I did a search and didn't find any threads which was confusing...

But in any case, I just saw these pictures today: Caught in the Oil. I just can't imagine having to be there and actually see this stuff in person.


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It makes me really sick. Partly because it's like can't people leave -anything- alone? When I think of all the animals suffering... I was just watching something the other day talking about how far the spill is stretching and how many animals are affected. Sick. I actually wish I could get involved in some kind of effort to help the animals but I'm too far away with no means to get down there.


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it actually really upsets me, i cannot watch the news or read the papers. i live nowhere near there but am close to a beach and it is very upsetting


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Originally Posted by BEA2LS
it actually really upsets me, i cannot watch the news or read the papers. i live nowhere near there but am close to a beach and it is very upsetting

yes i can't look at pictures or see it on tv anymore because it upsets me so much


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I'm all the way up in Montreal, but that doesn't matter. Something like this affects everyone, as it is poisoning our earth's water.

I don't understand how anyone can think offshor drilling is a good idea. Somewhere in the back of my mind, i hope that this will put an end to that debate, but i know that some people refuse to admit defeat.

I just cannot believe this thing is still spilling oil, and they don't have a proper idea how to stop it... The world is going to shit.


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Seeing pictures of the poor animals makes me cry every time. They had no choice in the matter. It really upsets me and like some of you, I can't watch the news or even read the articles anymore.


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the worst thing is the animals/environment of course, but as well they're going to fine bp for all the damage.. which is fair but... if BP go under, practically all the pension schemes in the UK are funded by money from BP... well you can see where i'm going with this one..

it is just a disaster on all counts, we should find a cleaner fuel


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Seriously. I cannot understand this greed/need for oil. Ok, all our car/plains/some heating etc is run with oil, i understand why we need it now, but christm can we not look 5 minutes a ahead in the furture as see that we are indeed drilling into the earth under miles of water!! and we all know what happens when soemthing breaks in water! Hell, i found that out in my day of playing with barbies in the bathtub. Containg a spill/leak into water (especially one with a substance so pollutant that is propelling itself out at mass quatity) is a nightmare.
And that's exactly it, this thing is a nightmare due to our greed and lack for forsight. Or maybe BP had one of those "teenage moments" of invinciblity, it wont happen to me, I know better.
Honestly, seeing the images, hearing the statistics makes me want to vomit.

I just pray to god this teachs us to put our quest for oil on the backburner and realize that we need to find a new clean source of power.

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