Brazilian Keratin treatment


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do anyone have any good and reliable information on this? What are some good brands to buy or use. I am trying to get it done or do it myself. So what are ur recommendations.



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do NOT attempt this on your own. go talk to a few specialists in salons, ask them how many they have performed, how many touch ups they have perfomed, etc etc.


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check out forums under straightening/relaxing...there is info on bkt as well as a few girls who have done bkt themselves w great considering diy bkt myself... as i have long hair and dont have 300+ dollars to spend on havin someone do it.


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i can give you any information on brazilian keratin treatments that youd like to know, as im a bkt certified stylist, so ask away.

keep in mind this is not the same thing as brazilian straightening. brazilian straightening is a specific method/ type of chemical relaxer. a brazilian keratin treatment is NOT a chemical process OR a relaxer, it is a keratin (which your hair naturally is 88% made of) treatment which can remove some curl, calm and smooth kinky hair and frizz, help repair damage, and help prevent future damage.

and its not possible to do the bkt on your own hair....really its not possible. its not for sale to unlicensed people, and it would either come out unevenly or not come out at all. it has to be done in a very specific way that you couldnt do on your own head.