Breastfeeding in public


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I don't get what all the fuss is about. When I see women feeding, all I see is a baby's head, the mother's top covers the rest. No one is actually 'whipping their tits out'.

actually i've seen some women in low cut tops with more of their tits out than a nursing mother! LOL


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Re: Breastfeeding (moved from Industry Discussion)

Originally Posted by sharkbytes
I'm not a fan of public breastfeeding either, and it has nothing at all to do with the "sexualization" of it.

It's just that *in my opinion* it IS a private moment. Not because the mother's breasts are exposed (because honestly, with the amount of manboobs just hanging out there, there really is no difference) but because it's kind of rude to assume that people want to see someone breastfeed their kid. It IS different from bottle feeding because there is an intimate mother/child connection. It wouldn't make a difference to me if the mother fed from her arm rather than her breast, it still isn't something that the whole world needs to witness.

That said, I don't think there should be any kind of law against it. That's just way too far. I'd just rather folks be a bit more polite.

am sorry but i feel like there are some really WEIRD comments being made here. Maybe it's a cultura thing but i find it strange that feeding your child in the most NATURAL way possible is being reserved for a PRIVATE moment!!! In my country (kenya) it is perfectly acceptable and EXPECTED that when a child cries the mother will breastfeed in public. I don't see anything strange, disgusting or repelling about it! I think this comes as a direct result of the fact that in Europe, a womans breasts are sexual, no matter whether she's feeding her baby or not. they belong to the bedroom not public, feeding her child. In my country you'd be seen as weird for thinking that a woman's breasts are sexual object when she's breastfeeding. As a sidenote, a woman's breasts, like for a cow, or a cat are MADE to breastfeed. when you get pregnant, get a baby, you'll realise that those breasts have a more important function than filling out your cute low cut tops.


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I think its a natural and normal thing to see. I dont mind it. My friend was grossed out the other day when we were at McDonalds and this lady was breastfeeding her baby she had fairly large breasts and was also a big woman and she had bruises everywhere on her boobs and it grossed my friend out and lost her appetite lol. So I guess it depends where you are at. I wouldnt care because when I see a woman breastfeeding I always look away. I dont stare at her for minutes watching her breastfeed. If the mother has to feed her baby then she has to! Its no biggie really.


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I must live in a strange area, but no lie, I saw a woman walking around at the local zoo breastfeeding completely topless. It's not that she had not been wearing a top, she had, she just removed it and the bra completely to breastfeed her child. I don't mind the breastfeeding in public, I myself am reserved and very modest, and would cover myself and child with a light blanket while I fed them. However, I don't see the need to be completely topless in a very public area to feed your child. I understand not everyone is as modest as I, I'm not offended if the mother is not into covering with a blanket, especially if it's warm.


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Yeah, that's a bit unnecessary. But all these comments about it should be private... you realize where these ideas stem from right? That being pregnant is something that we should be ashamed of. That we should be ashamed of breast feeding. It's utterly ridiculous. When you're tired and stressed out from dealing with a newborn, the last thing on your mind when that baby is screaming for milk is: OMG WHERE CAN I FIND A PRIVATE SPOT??

If you don't want to look, then don't look. All of us here wear make up and we all know that there are those who disagree with wearing make up and tell us to 'stop hiding the ugly'. Do we conform to THEM? So why do you expect these new mothers to conform to you?


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I disagree. I don't think that people thinking that breast feeding should be done in private = being ashamed of being pregnant.

Personally, i don't care for it too much. The reason? I feel it is an extremly personal thing, and it can make people uncomfortable. Now will i throw a hissy fit? Or stare? No. But that woman has carried that baby in her for 9 months and is now feeding it through her nipples/breast that are filled with milk, that her body made to feed this baby. For me, i feel that that is a very personal act, and as so, someone sitting around at starbucks or in the mall doing so does make me slightly uncomfortable.
Maybe i'm a monster for feeling this way. Maybe i am calloused and uncaring and will never make a good mother. If that's how some people feel, thats fine with me. I just know that when i have kids, i'm using a pump.


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There is nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable. I don't think I made myself clear:

a) I'm saying that the reason there's social stigma behind it stems largely from 'female shame'.
b) I have issue with people telling OTHER people that they shouldn't do it because it makes them uncomfortable.


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I don't care if someone does it in public, but I think it's polite to make some effort to cover up a little.

There are tons of lightweight, inexpensive breastfeeding covers available, or even the option of just shielding the baby with your arm/shirt..

I was on the bus the other day, and a women kept trying to sell me meat. Not really sure what was going on there, she seemed a little stoned, disturbingly. Anyway, she lifted her shirt up out of nowhere and pulled out a baby from under it. I saw a lot, and I wish she would have tried to remove the baby without flashing a complete stranger.

I don't plan on breastfeeding at all if I even have children, but that's because it's a slight anxiety of mine. I think mothers should be able to breastfeed wherever they want! I just appreciate a teeny bit of effort in covering the important bits.
If there's an accidental flash, hey, that's life, I just appreciate the effort.


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Personally I don't have kids myself and I would definitely not breast feed in public...If I had to, then I would carry a blanket as a courtesy and cover myself and breast feed my child. I think the same courtesy should be applied with mothers nowadays. I have noticed some women who do carry blankets and cover themselves while breast feeding. I mean, in some sense when women breast feed in public, I don't mind it at's their business and all I see is a mother feeding a child. But I wouldn't personally do it myself. Each to their own!


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Coming from someone with a newborn who attempted to feed her in public when she was three weeks old - do the people who have suggested to "cover up with a blanket" know how HARD it is to do that?? I have to feed my baby in the "twins" hold (so by my side, not straight in front) so no matter what I did someone was probably going to see something. And that was with my husband there to help me position the baby and help position the wrap. Not to mention I was overheating from wearing the wrap, and I could feel my baby sweating.

Because of breastfeeding issues I have been expressing my left side and have been lucky enough that she will take the bottle. By choice I take a bottle out with me, but if I don't have enough with me or if I need to breastfeed, I will do so. If someone has a problem with that then hey, they are free to leave, I am not forcing them to stay and watch.

Also perhaps I am not aware of them yet but I haven't seen any nursing rooms when I have been out and going to a public bathroom is completely and utterly out of the question - if I wouldn't eat in there I'm not going to force my child to.


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I really don't see the big deal. In Sweden it's completely natural for a woman to breastfeed her child in public. On the contrary, it's actually quite offensive to suggest that they should not. Most women will be discreet about it, like covering up a little. But really, it's not as if they're flashing, the baby's head is in the way of the breast. If you don't want to see it, it's not as if you have to.

If women aren't allowed to breastfeed in public, to me that is limiting women. What are they supposed to do, stay at home all day because their baby might get hungry in a location where it's not possible to nurse?


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I have no problems breastfeeding in public. Women show their breasts on the beach, so, what's the problem? As mothers, we are feeding our babies, breasts were created for this reason. If society does not accept it, it means that society stinks. We are mammals. And if anyone does not like it, just avoid watching. Maybe I don'y like your manners eating, and it does not mean that you have to hide while eating or being banned from society.

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