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So, I'll be doing my first wedding this year (YEEPHEE) and its for a best friend (have to start somewhere and build that portfolio!!

I will also be a bridesmaid....

The colors are RED and BLACK (the maid of honor is wearing red, everyone else black I do believe).

Those of you who have done weddings before, I hope you'll answer this...

My question is this:

Do you try to keep the makeup in the same tone family, or is it reasonable that each girl have totally different makeup on?

I see a lot where the bridesmaids have similar makeup, but NONE of us girls in the wedding are related, and NONE of us have the same skin-tone, hair color etc!! (there' s 5 gals to do including myself)

Just wondering....



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I ask each bridesmaid what she wants done, given that it's still within the parameters of the bride's vision for them. Unless the bride is adamant about everyone being the same. But it's nice when everyone is within the same color family. It's a nice look for the bridal party as a whole


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It's nice if you can keep things simple and that way everyone can look similar but with their own look.
For instance one wedding I did last year I used false lashes on everyone with some brown e/l and champagne color e/s. For the blush I had to vary the color due to skin tone but it was all in the rose family, for lips MAC Viva glam V. Some needed a lipliner under the VGV to make it darker and others need a bit of clear gloss to make it lighter.

It's always best to find out what the bride wants her maids to look like. Even if she says she doesn't care she needs to make a choice on a look because in the end if she doesn't like it she won't be happy with her pictures. There is nothing like asking the bridemaids and later on finding out that the bride did NOT want anyone to have a smoky eye look! Get her opinion first and like I said if she says she doesn't care I'd point out that it's her day and her pics these people will be in everytime she shows her wedding album!

If she wants them to all have their own look that's when it gets tough.
Just make sure you have time to do pre-wedding makeup with everyone so you can find out what works for them and it will make the wedding day a breeze for you!

I have found that classic and simple always look best in pics.


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yeah i'm going classic and simple!

i already have the brides makeup planned out...and hopefully i'll be able to practice run it all (prob is that they are in arizona and i'm here in iowa! so that limits our abilities when all the girls live in different places in the US).

But I was planning on going with neutral tones for everyone....and its a Garden its outside and like late afternoon, so NO heavy eye makeup...

I just wanted to go for a natural and yet defined look for each gal...but I KNOW same/same won't work.

The bride has left it all in my hands, though I'm sharing with her my plans for everything...

Thanks!! Answered my question!


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I love doing weddings...definitely keep it simple and classic. When I do weddings, I don't use the same colors on all the bridesmaids...I use what suits each one within the parameters of what they're wearing...have fun!


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you might have to do stronger makeup than you think if everyone's wearing black dresses outside under bright sun.

could you do trial runs on some of your friends there who look like the other bridesmaids?



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^ i thought of that, but have no girlfriends who look anything like the bridesmaids! LOL

i'm working on face charts...i have now a plan...and there BETTER be a trial run come Sept at the bacholorette weekend thing


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I think the colors should be best suited to the individual. I have done weddings where the bride wants the same thing on everyone, and personally think it looks a little creepy.
I personally like to do everyone with a similar style, but varied to suit the individual. For instance, for a dramatic, very formal, evening wedding I did everyone with smokey eye makeup and lashes, but a different color theme on everyone. Or everyone in neutrals, just different neutrals, and different styles of application. In other words, I try to find a common theme, and then change it up a little depending on the person. I hope that makes sense.
Definately try to get the bride to give you some good instruction. I really like for ppl to give me some direction to go in, so that I can be absolutely sure that I am giving them what they want. Try showing her some of your face charts so she can pick a favorite or two. I would rather have some one very picky about what they want, than someone who says do whatever. It leaves too much room to do something they would not like. Friends especially will not always tell you when it's not what they want, so better to know now than later.
Trial runs make everything easier, so I hope you get time to do one. It's a time saver on the wedding day, because you can have everything ready to go and in order. Also, if you need to mix foundations you will know before and can do it earlier.


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^ luckily, each gal is going to get matched at MAC pro stores for foundations, so that I will know where to start (i have a makeup kit!)

yeah, exactly about the same/same thing...i thought it'd be creepy in pictures honestly!

i have a great idea for theme/colors and each gal will be a bit far 2 face charts done and they look FAB!

I think for lips I'm going to use different liners and then VGV for the lipstick shade...that way there's some difference yet, sameness

Thanks for the suggestions all!

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