Bright Fuchsia


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I'm on the MAC site and I cannot find Bright Fuchsia anywhere? Did they discontinue this with no warning? Also, are there more pro products that just didn't make it to the regular mac site when Pro products became available to everyone? I can't find the chroma cakes or acrylic paints or anything...

Anyone got any idea where my beautiful Bright Fuchsia is or is my computer not displaying it for some reason?


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I can't find BF either! :( i wonder if it magically disappeared just like the other metal pigments did a while back. I'd call or visit your nearest store. It was made store perm when pigments were introduced to counters. As far as chromacakes and acrylics, those are still only visible for pro members. There's still a handful of products are just visible to pro members, including these two products.

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