Broke my MacDiet


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I was doing so well too! If only actual diets were so easy to adhere to.. Its easy to avoid the mall. My mom dragged me along on her mission to reverse shop. I got bored and ventured down to the MAC counter where one I was suprised to see that one of my fave SA's had switched to from another mall.

I started my MacDiet due to the fact that my Mac collection is worth than my car...which is rather pathetic! In the past I used to spend my whole paycheck @ MAC. Plus, I'm trying to save up so I can move outta state. Also, I haven't been wearing much make up as I don't want to attract creepy guys @ work.

Circa Plum
Deep Blue Green
Blackened Red Glitter

Style Warriors:
Purple Rite Lipstick
Fierce & Fabulous



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lol, i feel your pain... i was planning on saving money for a trip to the mall of america but that has been shot down since cult of cherry came out...

but i love your haul and enjoy!


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Thanks! Ahh, I wish diets worked haha well at least this one only puts a dent on the wallet not the scale haha. I can't wait to play with all my new goodies!