Bronze smokey eye gone wrong..?


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I have no idea what went wrong here, but this was SUPPOSED to be a bronze smokey eye...I think the base color I used was too light for me, though! It turned out pretty nice in the end, anyways. Unfortunately, the close up pictures don't do it any justice! They were taken in natural light, but it was cloudy out so the lighting came out weird. It's not supposed to look so taupe; it was much more bronze IRL!
You can get a better feel for what it looked like in the pictures of my full face, those are the ones that turned out a little better.


Lancome's Effacernes Concealer in Medium Bisque
Lancome Ageless Mineral Foundation in Beige 30 and Honey 10 mixed together
Lancome bronzer in Solaire
Coastal Scents blush (from the palette)

Lancome Poudre Sourcils in Brunette for brows
Provici Shadow Magnet
MAC Patina
MAC Bronze
MAC Knight
MAC Carbon
MAC Shroom
Lancome Stylo Waterproof in Noir
JOE eyeliner pen in black
Estee Lauder Mascara (forget what kind, just on bottom lashes cause they had a bit of fallout on them!)
QUO lashes

NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Peach Ice




Tried to get some better pics:


My liner looks WEIRD here!




I have a problem taking pictures with a straight face, lol!

I also highlighted my own hair...what do you think?

Thanks for looking! CC is always welcome


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I really like it! The only difference I see that you might want to adjust would be to blend Bronze a little more onto the lid for a bit more intensity. Great look!


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Love it! I like the highlights too, they look very natural and subtle, but still noticable. Btw YOUR LAWN LOOKS SO PERFECT.

Candy Christ

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I'm an NC30 also and that ALWAYS happens to me. Every time I do a bronze eye it turns into some freaky brown something, but I think yours came out pretty nice.


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Maybe we just need to use darker colors ! But everytime I've tried to do this it like melts into the color of my skin haha i hate it! i will figure it out one day

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