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stevie z

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Hi I am using brow ink to basically pen my brows because mine are too sparse and so I just end up shaving them off. I have been doing this for about 9 months, but in the last month, especially after the season change, it seems I have developed either some sort of allergy or sensitivity because after continuous usage my skin becomes red, itchy at the contact area and sometimes prone to flaking because this also happens to be my problem area for dryness.
I have upped my skincare routine to extra care and moisturizing, but some of the ingredients may contain metals, and I assume this is part of what is causing the problem. I have no other allergies.
So I am in need of a similar alternative product that is works similarly to the ink, that obviously is free of metals and toxins and the like. I was thinking a liquid eyeliner but think I need something a little less opaque to create depth.
I am trying to experiment with silicone primer first to see if that helps, at least a little bit, but I was thinking alternatively, a product that could work like that as a skin protectant or buffer because I work around corrosive chemicals too.

thanks in advance


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Are you microblading your own brows or are you using some sort of brow ink that's supposed to be permanent?

Microblading is supposed to last a couple of years before you need touching up, not something you do all the time.

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