brunettes: which MAC e/s do u use as a brow filler?


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I use Carbon (naturally Black hair & brows), or I use Print, Suspicion, or even a *little* Blacktrack Fluidline sometimes. All depends on what I have nearest at the time. It's not always MAC, as I have very few MAC shadows. I always use *Dark*

I used to use a Revlon eyeliner/eyebrow pencil...I might try it was my 1st in my Love Affair with Black Eyeliner

I guess it depends on the shade of brown your hair is. When my hair is really dark, i use espresso. When it's a tad bit lighter, i use Coquette. right now i don't use either cuz i'm growing out my brows :/


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Originally Posted by lara
Stud brow pencil. My hair is dyed blue-black, my natural brows are dishwater brown.

I was hoping no one was going to say Carbon, but...

Why are you laughing at her for using Carbon?

I use a cheapy brown brow pencil, since I usually don't fill my brows.


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I use dark brown pigment for over 5-minute makeup applications. If I'm in a hurry tho, I just grab my brunette brow finisher!


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Espresso, or espresso mixed with cork for a softer brow. Eyeshadows have more pigment so they create a more "solid" brow.

I also use Brow Shader in Walnut/Ivoire for a more natural look.