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Hi Specktrettes!

I need a very soft (!!) brush that I can use to contour my face and apply blusher. My face is small, so it should allow for precise application.
For reference, I like subtle contouring & blush and tend to dislike angled brushes.

I do NOT apply blush on the apples on my cheeks, but under my cheekbones and on the sides of my face near the hairline. The brush I want should apply powder and creme blushes evenly and very precise, but not apply too much product or make harsh line. I will buff out the edged with another brushes, but if there's a brush that makes this step unnecessary I wouldn't be aversed to buying it

I would love to read your (MAC and non - MAC) recommendations!



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i agree with the 168. i have a small face so it works perfectly for subtle contouring & it is soft like frocher said!


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I have the Prestige blush contour brush. it's not angled, and it's less expensive than a mac brush (pretty sure you can get it at target). it's very soft!

hope this helps


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I really love my 165 (LE but it's coming back in one of the fall collections) for contouring and highlight and I'm pretty sure it can be used for blush application as well.


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I agree that for a small face, the 168 is easier to handle --the 116 and 129 are also great as well as the 138. For myself personally, I prefer the 138

If you want an inexpensive brush, look at the Ecotools Blush brush -- soft, non smelly, and lush -- at a great price!


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I'd go with the 109 too, you can use cream or powder with it, and it does a great job at buffing in the color to prevent harsh lines.

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Thanks lovelys!

Unfortunately I already have a 109 and it so scratchy, I guess with constant use it would make my face break out.

Will I still need to buff out the edges with the 168?

I have a money saved up for the 165 coming out with DSquared, but I am not a 100 % sure that it's the right brush for me...

The look I am going for is this:




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