Brush for Studio Fix


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Out of curiosity, which brush do you guys use to apply your studio fix?
I've used the 150, the 129, and the 180.
I liked the 150 the best. The 129 was "meh" and I just can't quite get the drift of the 180.
I'm thinking about purchasing the 136 and the 182.


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I've used the 129 (and I was just "meh") and the 182. I've been wanting to try it with the 187 though...unfortunately that brush is still on my "to buy" list.


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I personally use the 129 ... I haven't tried the 150 and the 180 I've heard is good for Studio Tech so I have to try that out. I didn't like the 136 when I tried it but the 182 is a great brush. I'd say get the 182 over the 136!


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I love 129, I agree it's prefect for Studio Fix. I love 182. It's my favorite brush MAC has ever made!!! It's a wonderful investment too!!!!


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I use the 150 brush and nothing else for Studio Fix. I find the 150 to give great coverage, it picks up ample product and the dispersement is even and controlled.

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