Brush recomendations please.


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Hey guys,

I trust your advice of anything so I need some guidance. I want to get a few new brushes for eyes, I have the 239,219 and 266 but want some new brushes for eyeshadow application/blending. What do you recommend?...ive heard the 226 is better for blending that the 224/217? but i haven't got either... what other brushes (other than blending) would you recommend to

Thanks x


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I have the 217 and 226 and for crease work I vastly prefer 226.. 224 sucks completely, its too wide at the head of the brush for my crease. I like the 217 for brow blending and thats about it - its basically redundant to me and overall I use my 226 the most for blending and crease work.
The 213 is great for application in smaller areas, but not for blending.


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You MUST get the 217, you simply must. It'll change your life.

I have the 226 too, and I like using the 226 for defined crease work - it's better than the 224 and 217 for that. But if I just sort of want an undefined sort of smokey depth in the outer corner of my eye, I use the 217 - it's PERFECT. Just remember to keep it close to the lashline and avoid applying straight to the crease. I have the 224SE, which I only use for extremely sheer washes of colour and powdering under the eyes. It's too big to blend or apply for me.

All in all though, 217 is amazing. Incredibly soft, blends like a dream, and you can even use it to apply eyeshadow if you want a soft wash (but is stronger than with the 224). Also AMAZING with undereye concealer.


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You def. should get the 217. I have the 224 and I never use it for blending. I use that brush to place my highlight color. The 217 is great for the crease and for blending.


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#217 is a must, IMO. It's a great brush. I use it to apply e/s, blending and even for concealer.