Bumble and Bumble//Hairspray


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I love this brand. I already have thier pastes/waxes/gels.

But im wondering about gloss and hairspray.

Have any of y'alls used it? The pastes and waxes are alright when I have super short hair, or need help with a faux hawk. BUT For everyday style, I usually have my hair just kinda spiked/flipped in the front. But since my hair is so thick, it HARDLY ever stays up, even for 15 mins. So I need a spray that gives it a STRONG ASS hold.

And I was thinking about B&B, anyone try it and like it?

Or if you can recommend another hairspray that STRONG ASS hold, thatd be great too.


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Sebastion mega hold shaper spray does not move. Also, I like the Matrix tuff trix hair gel for getting hair not to move. This combo = cement. A hurricane wouldn't move my hair. I am not sure about B & B, but am dying to try it.

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