Calling all NC25's


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What are your favorite items from mac that flatter you the most if you are an nc25. They can be le or permanent. I am going to my mac counter this weekend and most often they are busy so I don't get alot of one on one time.

I look good in tawny colors, but i've found my purchases lately have gotten too similar and i'm taking less risks. i need to get out of this rut!

Blushes, highlighters, and lipsticks are mainly the rec's i'm looking for. I've got a ton of eyeshadow, so that is under control, i think. thanks!


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Originally Posted by trendoid
Dainty (mineralized)
Pinch o Peach

I have neither of those and i'll put them on my list (yes, i made a list


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creme d'nude is a great nude lip color for me. the best highlight for nc25 is refined MSF. and i agree with danity


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my favorite blushes are:
-joyous [LE]
-eversun [LE]

favorite highlighter:
-vanilla pigment pressed

favorite lipstick:
-3N [LE]
-naked space l/g [LE]


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thank you! its awesome to get rec's from other people, i feel like sometimes i get in a rut and buy similar items too often.


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Well I go NC25 when I tan and I find my favorite products then are

NC25 Studio Sculpt or NC300 Hyper Real (i know it's d/c but its lush)
Golden Bronzer
Hush Cream Colour Base as a highlighter
Modesty Creamsheen Lipstick or Crem D Nude Creamsheen lipstick


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MAC mineralize blush Love thing

(also Dollymix suits fine to us but I prefer right now Love thing)

Try Intenso blush also - my friend have it (she's also NC25) and looks perfect on her

Mineralize shadow Family Silver - it lightening the eyes perfectly, but on the edge I usually put My black Lancome shadow.

And let us know what you pick


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I don't have a huge MAC collection yet, but here are a few I like:

Melba Powder Blush - (Soft coral-peach (Matte)) looks nice

Give the Rose Romance Beauty Powder Blush of Youth a try as well and see if you like it like I do.
Also from RR is the See Thru Lip Colour Secret Crush. I'm fond of it and think its a great shade, but I know not everyone likes See Thru Lip Color.

If your MAC has older Limited Edition items, check out the Blonde & Redhead MSFs. I also like Fun n Games Blush from Hello Kitty, am wearing it now.

Have fun playing with all the dazzleglasses, too! May I recommend Money, Honey Dazzleglass? To me it is one of the best. Also I think that Viva Glam VI SE Lipstick is a winner.


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Lately I have been using NC25 mixed with NW20 shades and it looks pretty good on my skin!

Try Sunbasque, Peachtwist, or Tippy mixed with Golden Bronzer. They look gorgeous on the paler sides of NC.

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i reckon must haves for a NC25 (which is my skintone) are

Angel lipstick
Snob lipstick
Hue lipstick
Pink noveau

Russian red

Costa chic

i love prrr lipglass, pink poodle and viva glam 6 SE.

cheeks wise i loove pink swoon, well dressed and sunbasque and dollymix

Eyes i love satin taupe, suptuous olive, vanilla, cork, aquadisiac, steamy.

Highlighter wise i like shell ccb.


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Blushbaby, perfect natural
Fleur Power
Pinch O Peach
Strada - contur


Vanila pigment


Creme D Nude
Russian red


Slicked pink - lipgelee
Ample pink


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3-D l/s
saint germain l/s
vegas volt l/s

nymphette l/g
prrr l/g
oyster girl l/g
underage l/g

well dressed blush
full fuschia blush (pro colour)
dainty mineralize blush
light over dark mineralize blush duo