Can Brush #182 apply liquid foundation?


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I've found several threads stating that people use a kabuki brush to apply liquid foundation, like studio fix for an airbrush look. Can this be done with the 182?
If I use the 182 for liquid, will I never be able to use it for powder again?


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Mmhm. A lot of people like using natural fibre, dense brushes to apply liquid foundation. You can totally do it with the 182. If you do use it for liquid, I would probably be more careful to wash it more often since you're using a liquid product that can be more susceptible to bacteria and whatnot.

You can continue to use it for powder, but do clean the liquid foundation off the brush before using it with powder.


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Absolutely! THe 182 brush is fabulous for applying liquid foundation. I love using it with mineralize satinfinish on clients. And recently Victor Cembellin (MAC senior pro artist) did a master class at our store, and he used the 182 to apply studio sculpt, and it looked flawless and perfect. Just have some brush cleanser on a paper towel, to wipe it when you are done applying foundation, and let it dry a minute and dive in with powder product. I highly recommend this technique!


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I feel like the gates of heaven just opened... I was dying to try this last night before I went to bed but I had already finished my face routine. So I tried it this morning and I actually LOVE my studio fix fluid! I still hate it because it makes me look orange, but my foundation seriously looks airbrushed and perfect!
I am most surprised at what little product I needed to do my whole face. And the brush was completely clean when I was done. It used every bit of product I put on it. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
I so wish I knew this before.................. What else don't I know?!!

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