Can Setting Spray be Used as Toner on Face?


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Hello, everyone! A query has been nagging me for a while about if you could replace toner with a setting spray. I hope you guys could help me out with precise feedback on this. Thanks a bunch! :)


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No. Toner and setting spray are two different things, two different steps, and not interchangeable.

There are also different kinds of toners: exfoliating (with either AHAs, BHAs, or PHAs; typically you use these a few times a week in your nighttime routine), hydrating (sometimes known as essences; can be used every day, either morning or night), and astringent (think witch hazel toners). Toners are used after cleansing but before the rest of your skincare.

Setting sprays set makeup so it will last throughout the day, and they're used last in your makeup routine. While they may have skincare properties and ingredients, most of them aren't skincare. (Seems to me the only probable exceptions would be MAC Fix+ and Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix.)

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